Glossary of Terms

This section has been included to assist you interpreting the abbreviations that you are likely to come across in our Publication Scheme. Not all of the below listed abbreviations can be found in the classes of information, but may relate to the wider policing arena.




AA Automobile Association
AAIB Air Accident Investigation Branch
ABH Actual Bodily Harm
ABI Association of British Insurers
AC Alternating Current
ACCOLC Access Over-Load Control
ACC'O Assistant Chief Constable (Operations)
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ACPORP Association of Chief Police Officers Road Policing Committee
ACR Automated Crime Recording
ADAS Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
ADP Automatic Data Processing
A&E Accident and Emergency
AEAC Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary
AFO Authorised Firearms Officer
AFR Automatic Fingerprint Recognition
AGR Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIU Accident Investigation Unit
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition
APA Association of Police Authorities
ARV Armed Response Vehicle
ASBO Anti-Social Behaviour Order
ASP (Police baton)
ASU Air Support Unit or Admin Support Unit
ASW Approved Social Worker
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATS Automated Traffic Signal
AV Anti-Virus


BA British Airways
BAPCO British Association of Public Safety Communication Officers
BAPS Business and Property Services
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BCU Basic Command Unit
BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expansion Vapour Explosion
BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.
BST British Summer Time
BT British Telecom
BTP British Transport Police
BVPI Best Value Performance Indicator


CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CBE Commander of the (Order of the) British Empire
CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CD Compact Disc
CDO Civilian Detention Officer
CESG Communication-Electronics Security Group
CHIS Covert Human Intelligence Source
CICB Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CIMAH Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards
CJA Criminal Justice Act
CJIT Criminal Justice Information Technology
CJS Criminal Justice System
CJX Criminal Justice Network see also PNN2
CMS Casefile Management System
COI Central Office of Information
COMAH Control of Major Accident Hazards
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations
CPA Crime Pattern Analysis or Child Protection Agency
CPIA Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CRO Criminal Records Office
CROP Covert Rural Observation Point
CRPPU Crime Reduction Programmes and Partnerships Unit (Home Office))
CRUSE (Voluntary organisation for the counselling of the bereaved)
CS (Incapacitating Spray)
CSA Chief Scientific Advisor
CSP Community Security Policy
CTO Central Ticket Office
CVRS Contract Vehicle Recovery Scheme
CVU Commercial Vehicle Unit
CYP Children and Young Persons


DCC Deputy Chief Constable
DCC Durham County Council
DCI Detective Chief Inspector
DDI Direct Dial Inward
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DI Detective Inspector
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DOB Date of Birth
DPO Data Protection Officer
DPP Director of Public Prosecutions
DSS Department of Social Security
DTLR Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions
DV Developed Vetting
DVC Domestic Violence Co-ordinator
DVLA Driving Vehicle Licensing Authority
DVLC Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre


EAH Early Administrative Hearing
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EC European Community
ECHR European Convention on Human Rights
EEA European Economic Area
EEC European Economic Community
EHO Environmental Health Officer
EMDS Electronic Messaging Delivery Service
EO Equal Opportunities
EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council
ETA Expected Time of Arrival


FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations
FBO Football Banning Order
FBOA Football Banning Order Authority
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FCP Forward Control Point
FIB Force Intelligence Bureau was Force Identification Bureau
FIO Field Intelligence Officer
FISP Force Information Security Policy
FIU Force Intelligence Unit
FLO Football Liaison Officer or Family Liaison Officer
FLO(T) Family Liaison Officer (Traffic)
FPN Fixed Penalty Notice
FSS Forensic Science Service
FSSL Forensic Science Service Laboratory
F/T Full-time


GBH Grievous Bodily Harm
GP General Practitioner
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GONE Government Office for the North East
GPMS Government Protective Marking Scheme
GSM (Mobile phone standard in Europe)


HA Highways Agency
HAZCHEM Hazardous Chemicals
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
HMCE Her Majesty's Customs and Excise
HMIC Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
HMP Her Majesty's Prison
HMSO Her Majesty's Stationary Office
HO Home Office
HOLAB Home Office Laboratory form
(Computer system for major incidents)
HOPD Home Office Prison Department
HOPF Home Office Police Force
HQ Headquarters
HSE Health and Safety Executive


ICT Information and Communications Technology
ID Identification
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IIMARCH Information, Intention, Method, Administration, Risk assessment, Communication & Human rights
IND Immigration and Nationality Directorate
IO Investigating Officer
IOW Isle of Wight
IPA International Police Association
IPTF International Police Task Force
IPU International Police Unit
ISO Information Security Officer
IT Information Technology
ITV Independent Television


JBB Joint Branch Board
JCC Joint Central Committee
JNCC Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee


LGV Light Goods Vehicle


MAPPP Multi Agency Public Protection Panel
MBE Member of the (Order of the) British Empire
MCA Maritime & Coastguard Agency
MCIT Major Crime Investigation Team
MDP Ministry of Defence Police
MID Motor Insurance Database
MISPER Missing Person
MO Modus Operandi
MOD Ministry of Defence
MODACE Management of Disaster and Civil Emergency
MOT Ministry of Transport test
MP Member of Parliament


NACRO National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
NAFIS National Automated Fingerprint Identification System
NAI Non-Accidental Injury
NAIR National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity
NASS National Asylum Support Service
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NCEC National Chemical Emergency Centre
NCF National Crime Faculty
NCIS National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCPE National Centre for Policing Excellence
NCS National Crime Squad
NFA No Further Action
NFIU National Football Intelligence Unit
NHS National Health Service
NHTCU National High Tech Crime Unit
NI National Insurance
NPP National Policing Plan
NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NSPIS National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NSY New Scotland Yard
NVC Non Verbal Communication


OIC Officer in Charge or Officer in the Case
OJEC Official Journal of the European Communities
OS Ordinance Survey
OSC Office of the Surveillance Commissioners or Off-site Support Centre
OSCE Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe


PA Public Address (system)
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PAYE Pay as You Earn
PC Police Constable
PCA Police Complaints Authority
PCRG Policing and Crime Reduction Group (Home Office)
PDP Professional Development Profile
PDR Personal Development Review
PEACE Prepare/planning, Engage & explain, Account. Closure, Evaluation - interview process
PII Public Interest Immunity
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIO Public Information Office or Principle Investigating Officer
PIR Police Initial Recruitment
PITO Police Information Technology Organisation
PM Post Mortem
PMAS Police Mutual Assurance Society
PNB Police Negotiating Board or Pocket Note Book
PNC Police National Computer
PNN2 Criminal Justice Network See Also CJX
POLNET (Pre-Windows IT network)
POLSA Police Search Advisor
POT Public Order Training or Prevention of Terrorism
PPAF Policing Performance Assessment Framework
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PSDB Police Scientific Development Branch (Home Office)
PSU Police Standards Unit (Home Office)


QGM Queen's Gallantry Medal
QPM Queen's Police Medal


RAC Royal Automobile Club
RAF Royal Air Force
RDS Research Development and Statistics
RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
ROSPA Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
ROTI Record of Taped Interview
ROVI Record of Video Interview
RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals
RVP Rendezvous Point


SAMM Support After Murder and Manslaughter
SAYE Save as You Earn
SB Special Branch
SIM (Mobile phone card)
SIO Senior Investigating Officer
SLA Service Level Agreement
SMARTS Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-framed and Stretching
SOCO Scenes of Crime Officer
SPT Strategic Policy Team (Home Office)
SSP System Security Policy
SVS Stolen Vehicle Squad
SYOPS Guidance & Instructions for Information Security


TCG Tasking and Co-ordinating Group
TIC Taken into Consideration
TIE Trace, Implicate or Eliminate
TU Trial Units


UHF Ultra High Frequency
UK United Kingdom
UKCA United Kingdom Central Authority
UKPIA United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association
UN United Nations
UNISON (Civilian staff union)
UV Ultra-Violet


VAD Vehicle Audit Document
VASCAR Visual Average Speed Camera And Recorder
VAT Value Added Tax
VDR Vehicle Defect Rectification
VHS Video Home System
VIP Very Important Person
VIPER Video Identification Parade Electronic Recording
VODS Vehicle On-line Descriptive Search
VSP Victim Personal Statement
VRF Volunteer Reserve Forces
VSS Victim Support Scheme


WDA Waste Disposal Authority
WRVS Women's Royal Volunteer Service


YOT Youth Offending Team