Understanding Threats to Police Integrity


In order to inform our understanding of the threats facing police integrity we obtain information from a range of sources from both inside and outside of the Constabulary including:
Internal                                          External
Confidential Reporting                          National Crime Agency
Public Reporting                                    HMIC Reports
Complaints                                            College of Policing/NPCC
Grievance Procedures                            IOPC – Lessons Learned
Staff Associations                                  Judicial Reviews
Partner Reporting                                  Civil Claims
Feedback from Line Managers
What is corruption?

Corruption is defined by Transparency International as “The abuse of entrusted power for private gain”.
The National Police Counter Corruption Advisory Group (NPCCAG) have national responsibility for the Police Services efforts to tackle police corruption and provide support and guidance to the individual Police Forces.  NPCCAG and the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) have defined police corruption as occurring when:
“A Law Enforcement Official commits an unlawful act or deliberately fails to fulfil their role arising out of an abuse of their position for personal or perceived organisational advantage having the potential to affect a member of the public”.