Integrity Threats and Areas of Vulnerability

Research work undertaken by the National Crime Agency, National Policing Counter Corruption Advisory Group and the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has identified numerous areas of risk which represent threats to police integrity which will be the focus of the Constabulary’s integrity/ counter corruption plan:
  • Data Security & Information Leakage – Police have access to large amounts of sensitive personal data which must be appropriately retained and used only for policing purposes 
  • Inappropriate Relationships - e.g. between officers/staff  and criminals, journalists or vulnerable victims
  • Unmanageable Debt - officers/staff being vulnerable due to debt
  • Secondary Employment / Business Interests  - officers /staff pursuing outside interests that are not compatible with their role
  • Gifts and Gratuities – the vulnerability caused by officers/staff accepting gifts or hospitality
  • Procurement/Contracts – all public spending must be transparent and must represent ‘Best Value’. Furthermore those we have contracts with must also act with integrity
  • Social Media – ethical and appropriate use of social media by officers and staff
  • Expenses / Finance – the ethical use of Constabulary credit cards, transparent senior officer expenses and reward packages
Addressing the Threats
Public confidence in the police service is crucial in a law enforcement system that is built on the principle of policing by consent.  Durham Constabulary is committed to the prevention of corruption in the first instance and will thoroughly investigate integrity concerns and corruption allegations in order to protect the service from those individuals who seek to undermine it.
All employees of Durham Constabulary and those organisations associated with Durham Constabulary are expected to act with integrity at all times, however, responsibility for the implementation of this integrity and transparency programme and the investigation of alleged corruption lies with the Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department. 
The most effective means of safeguarding integrity and preventing corruption is to promote a healthy culture within the Constabulary where employees, partners and the public understand the standards that are expected and feel confident in reporting any concerns.
Professional Standards staff and the Force Executive provide regular training and briefings to staff to reinforce our standards and raise awareness regarding the threats to police integrity. All new staff, volunteers and special constable’s receive personal inputs from Professional Standards staff and all supervisors and managers have recently attended a one day ‘Leadership Through Professional Standards’ training event.
From mid 2014 to early 2016 the Constabulary provided face to face training to over 2000 of our staff to help embed the Code of Ethics.