Transparency and Integrity Programme

Durham Constabulary are committed to providing an excellent policing service that we and those we serve can be proud of and which keeps our communities safe.  We will continually strive to act with integrity, fairness and respect in delivering this service to ensure that the confidence and support of those we serve is protected as our most valued asset. 

Our staff will perform their duty consistent with the Code of Ethics which has been developed by the College of Policing. The Code provides information on how to achieve ethical decision making and indicates how breaches of the Code will be dealt with. It combines policing principles and standards of behaviour in a single document; is inclusive, applying to everyone in Durham Constabulary be it police officers, staff, special constables, volunteers or contractors. Click here for a summary of our Code of Ethics​

In Durham Constabulary we expect our staff to adopt a mature, professional approach when delivering your policing service and encourage them to exercise well-reasoned judgement and discretion with the ultimate aim of ‘doing the right thing’ by policing to the needs of those we serve. 
Our Force values which deliver the "Durham Difference" are positivity, courageousness, fairness with integrity.
When we get things wrong we will acknowledge and understand our mistakes, learn lessons for the future and follow a restorative approach to repair any harm done and find a positive way forward.  Our focus will go beyond identifying culpability and will also focus on fixing problems to ensure our service continually improves.
Our behaviour, actions and decisions will always be in support of the public interest.  We value public trust and confidence in policing as an institution and to earn this we will be open to scrutiny and be transparent. 
This will include the attendance at Misconduct Hearings, which need to be in public. Durham Constabulary will enforce standards and educate our staff to ensure our workforce understands and achieves the high standards expected of us.
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