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Report online For non emergencies
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 101 For all non emergencies
Call 101 For All non emergencies

Recognising high risk situations and know how to protect yourself and your vehicle can help reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime. 

Here are some tips to help keep you and your deliveries safe: 

  • Be aware of any vehicle following you. Don't exit the vehicle. Keep doors locked, keep moving and call the police.
  • If something doesn't look right or feel right, don't make the delivery. Stay in your vehicle and report any suspicious activity to the police.
  • Never leave your engine running or your keys in the ignition when making a drop. Always lock your doors, take your keys with you and remain vigilant when making your delivery.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are not well lit. Try to park under a streetlight and carry a torch for dark areas.
  • Be alert to anyone acting suspiciously when you are delivering.
  • Make sure your vehicle is running well.
  • Fit a tracker and a dashcam.
  • If you feel threatened, activate your panic alarm or sound your horn to draw attention to the situation.
  • Don't flash money during transactions and limit the amount of cash you carry.
  • If an emergency occurs, remain at the scene only if it is safe to do so and call the 999 and get to a place of safety.