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Advice and information to help keep you safe on the road

Safer drivers save lives


Find out more about the nationwide initiative which promotes safer riding through its workshops and lectures. 

Buying new / used cars

Advice to prepare you if you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle.

Cycle marking and safety

Tips for all you cyclists on marking your bike and some safety tips.

Bad weather driving
advice and tips

Advice for driving in bad weather.



Speed awareness course

Find out all the details of our speed awareness courses and relevant contacts.

Tyre and seatbelt safety

Two things to help you stay safe when you are on the road. Check out our advice and top tips.

Vehicle crime and seized vehicle information

Protect your car from vehicle crime and all the information you will need on seized vehicles.


Find out more about our motorcycle function.



Driving without insurance - Operation Tutelage

A national initiative to reduce the levels of uninsured driving on our roads.

Drink and drug driving

Information on driving whilst under influence of drink or drugs.

 Operation Endurance

Our ongoing campaign to tackle vehicles that cause harm to our local communities.

Delivery driver safety

Some tips to help keep you and your deliveries safe.