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COVID-19: Click here for government guidance

Please visit our COVID-19 page for further information

Report online For non emergencies
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 101 For all non emergencies
Call 101 For All non emergencies

The appointments available mean I cannot be seen within 7 days or entry, what should I do?Unfortunately, due to the number of people needing to be registered at the moment it is not possible to see you within the 7 days. Your account will show us the time and date when you logged in to complete the form and book an appointment and your email confirmation of your booking will suffice for travel in the meantime.

My Visa type is not listed as an option when completing the form?
At the moment not all visa types are listed on the website, common types such as graduate and BNO visas are not listed. If you cannot see your visa type then please select the closest match and then the correct type can be noted when you attend your appointment. If you have a BNO visa then you are required to bring the home office email confirmation with your 16 digit code and valid from/to dates.

The website will not let me book an appointment?
You must see two green submitted successfully banners before you will be taken to the page to book an appointment. The first banner will be when you submit the form, the second is when you have submitted a photograph of yourself. If there are an errors or missing information on the form you must go back and complete these before you can progress. The form must also be completed in one sitting as it will time out so please have all your documents ready before beginning.

I have missed my appointment, what do I do?
If you miss your appointment it is very important that you log back into your account the next day and schedule another appointment. You are unable to do this the same day as your missed appointment but it is your legal responsibility to register with the police if your visa requires you to do so, please make sure you book another appointment as soon as possible.

Where should I go for my appointment?
Your appointment will be carried out at Durham City Police Station, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3AQ.

How much does my certificate cost?
When you first register you will need to pay £34 in cash for your certificate. You then will not pay any more money if you need to make another appointment to change the details on your certificate.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
You will need to bring your passport, visa (either in your passport, BPR card or if BNO we require the email confirmation from the Home Office) confirmation of your address, confirmation of current employment/study details if applicable and for new registrations you must bring £34 cash and if you are changing details you must bring your certificate. All these documents must be originals and not a photocopy.

What do I do if I have lost my certificate?
Your police registration certificate is a legal document so you must keep this safe. If you think you have lost your certificate and have made every effort to locate it then you need to attend the police station and complete a lost property report form. You will then get a reference number and be able to log into your online account and complete the form to request a new certificate. If you have left your certificate in your home country you must ask for it to be posted to you prior to your appointment.

I am leaving the UK and moving back home, what should I do with my certificate?
Please retain your certificate and bring it with you should you choose to return at a later date. You will then be able to book another appointment and have your certificate updated rather than registering again.

I have been granted indefinite leave to remain status, what do I do with my certificate?
Please book an appointment for change of details, when you attend the appointment bring confirmation of your status with you and your certificate will be cancelled and you will no longer need to register with the police if you change any details.

I can no longer attend my appointment, what should I do?
You should make every attempt to attend your appointment as it is very important you report to the police as soon as possible. If this is not possible then you should log back into your account and reschedule to the next available suitable time. Failure to do so may impact your ability to remain within the UK as well as further repercussions.

I have tested positive for COVID-19 so can’t attend my appointment, what should I do?
You should log into your account as soon as possible and reschedule your appointment. If you test positive on the day of your appointment you will be unable to reschedule so please email us on and then log into your account the next day to re book. If this means you will not be registering or updating your details within 7 days do not worry, book another appointment as soon as available and you will not be penalised by the Home Office due to COVID-19 Guidelines.

What do I do now some of my details have changed?
If you have changed your course/employment, if your visa/passport details have changed or if you have moved address you must log into your account and complete a change of details form then book an appointment to have your certificate updated. There will be no charge for this appointment but you must bring your certificate with you. If you have changed address and moved out of the Durham area you will need to register on your new police force’s system and take them your certificate to update.

My visa has run out, what should I do?
Extensions of stay within the UK can ONLY be granted by the Home Office. For an application form ring 0870 241 0645. Applications MUST be made to the Home Office BEFORE your existing conditions expire. Without a valid visa you are unable to register with the police.

If you still require further help, please email