Cycle Security - Operation Spoke



Operation Spoke is a bike theft reduction campaign led by Durham Constabulary, working in partnership with Durham County Council and Darlington Borough Council, Local Motion,  Safe Durham Partnership and all the Cycle Retailers in County Durham and Darlington.


Operation Spoke aims to significantly reduce cycle crime by uniquely marking and registering cycles in County Durham and Darlington. Success of other property marking schemes at reducing the overall levels of acquisitive crime is well documented and now we are expanding this concept to cycles.


The benefits of marking and registering cycles is that it offers a proven deterrent to would be thieves.

It also means that cycles can easily be identified by Police should they ever be stolen or go missing. Easy identification means that cycles can be quickly reunited with their rightful owners and thieves can be quickly arrested and brought to justice



• Registration

• Protection

• Recovery

• Prosecution


You can have your bicycle marked at one of your local cycle retailers participating in the scheme. There will also be a number of registration events organised by your Safer Neighbourhood teams and our Partners.​





You have the choice of a FREE bike marking system or a bespoke ‘BikeRegister’ component marking kit for £9.90 both allow quick identification of a bike and its owner and are proven to reduce cycle crime. 
The Free Marking Kit: 
This involves marking your cycle and components with a unique code number via a permanent UV Pen (which is only visible in UV light). You will also be provided with a tamper resistant ‘Immobilise’ warning label. Your cycle will be registered with The UK National Property Register - Immobilise. This product is recommended for lower value cycles.
This will deter thieves and means should your cycle be stolen and found it can be quickly identified by officers from any  police force. You can register other valuable items such as computers, mobile phones etc. using the FREE IMMOBILISE service.




The marking of your cycle will take less than two minutes and you will not need to do anything else. Your details will not be used for any other purpose other than the prevention and detection of crime.
The BikeRegister Kit:
Durham Constabulary has linked with BikeRegister to provide a bespoke marking kit for your bike at a substantially reduced cost to you. This kit would normally retail at over £20 but is available via Operation Spoke at cost for £9.90 with all money going back into tackling cycle crime.

The ‘BikeRegister’ component kit includes:
4 Permanent Stencil Etching marks (which are only visible in UV light); unique microdots (for marking components and equipment on your bike); a QR Code label and a tamper resistant ‘BikeRegister’ warning label. This marking system is almost impossible to remove from the bike without causing damage or leaving a trace.


By choosing the ‘BikeRegister’ product you will be protecting your bike and valuable component parts with four types of unique property marking. This will give the police four times the opportunity to identify and recover the cycle. You will also have the benefit of your cycle being registered with ‘BikeRegister’ . This product is strongly recommended for moderate to high value cycles as it offers a significant deterrent to cycle thieves.

All the cycle retailers in County Durham and Darlington are participating in Operation Spoke.