Financial Investigations

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is a piece of legislation created to tackle organised crime, giving officers the power to seize cash and recover assets such as cars and houses bought by criminals through the proceeds of their crimes.

The money recovered and made through the sale of the criminal’s assets can then be put back into community projects and helps to fund further investigations, whilst showing the public that crime doesn’t pay.

Money is at the heart of all organised crime. The lifestyle and status it brings is the main motivation for most criminals.

The Financial Investigation team support criminal investigations across the whole spectrum of offences undertaken by Durham Constabulary but are mainly responsible for obtaining Crown Court Confiscation Orders against defendants convicted of offences for which they have obtained some kind of benefit from acquisitive crime; whether it is as a result of stealing/fraud/drug dealing etc.

The Confiscation process follows conviction, and can be a lengthy complex process that may take up to 2 years.

Defendants are more likely to contest these proceedings more vigorously than in the criminal case, because the consequence of losing their wealth is seen as a greater hardship than a custodial sentence.

A forfeiture order can also be made against a person at Magistrates Court using the Proceeds of Crime Act. This is only made against cash which is believed to be the proceeds of crime or intended for use in crime.

Help tackle organised crime in your area

Communities can help tackle organised crime by letting the police know about those people in the community who live an extravagant lifestyle with no obvious means of funding it.
With your help, criminals can not only be prosecuted for the crimes they commit, but the money they make or the things they buy using profits from illegal activities can also be confiscated by the courts.

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