Scam Letters

Scams: Keep safe

If you are being targeted by these fraudsters remember that you are only one of many and you can take some minor precautions for your own safety depending on how you are being contacted.


• Ensure that you are protected by personal firewall and anti-virus software. Keep them regularly updated.
• Report as abuse to senders ISP any messages you receive
• Never reply to any email you are unsure of

Send all banking related phishing emails to

Paypal emails to

and Ebay


• Report any suspicious phone calls to your phone company
• Consider registering your number with Telephone Preference Service (TPS Online) or 0845 070 0707
• Never give personal details over the phone
• Beware of unwanted mail from outside this country or from a Post-box address in this country. Lottery and cashback fraudsters are increasingly using these.
• Consider registering with Mail Preference Service (MPS Online) or 0845 703 4599