Collision Records

The Collision Records team process recordable collisions within the Durham Constabulary area.  In 2012 there were 3249 collisions with a year on year decline since then.
Collision Records & Fixed Penalty Unit
Durham Constabulary Headquarters
Aykley Heads
Telephone:  0191 3752374 – 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
A typical non-recordable collision would be dealt with by relevant insurance companies.  These types of collisions would be:
·         Damage sustained to vehicles or property and
·         No injuries apparent and
·         Names and addresses exchanged at scene and
·         No offences alleged to have been committed and
·         Police may be in attendance but no further action required
A typical recordable collision would be dealt with by the Police and a Collision Report Form will be completed.  These types of collisions would be:
·         Collisions involving injuries or fatalities or
·         Collisions where an offence has been committed
The information contained within the Collision Report Form is used in various ways:
·         Investigation and finalisation of collision enquiries
·         Provision of collision related statistics to various agencies including the Department of Transport
·         Pinpoint collision hot spots to increase road safety and help reduce road casualties
·         Provide relevant parties with the details they require to progress a claim
·         Provision of reports to insurance companies and solicitors


Who do I contact to obtain a collision reference number and name of the officer attending my collision?

A reference number will be generated by Collision Records staff on receipt of the Collision Report Form from the attending officer whose details will be contained within the report.  Please allow 5 working days for these to be processed.

How do I obtain details of the other party?

Commonly referred to as ‘3rd party details’ the following information can be provided to interested parties:

• Name and address of driver
• Vehicle make, model and registration number
• Insurance details
• Collision reference number

Note – telephone numbers cannot be disclosed
For data protection reasons applications cannot be dealt with by telephone and must be made in writing or e-mail.  You will receive a reply via post unless you have a secure network e-mail address.

The information will be provided free of charge to members of the public who were directly involved in the collision as well as insurance companies and solicitors who are in possession of the collision reference number.  Please provide the following information: Date/location of collision, your name, your vehicle registration.

Insurance companies or solicitors wishing to carry out an initial search for the collision reference number should apply in writing to Collision Records.  An initial search fee is applicable. For further details about this fee, please contact the Collision Records office.

Can we provide witness details?

This information can only be provided to insurance companies and solicitors via a copy of the Police Collision Report.

Injuries were not reported at the scene but are now apparent.  What should I do?

If injuries are now evident but were not reported at the scene of the collision this information must be reported to a Police Officer so a Collision Report Form can be completed.

I’ve received a questionnaire statement; do I need to complete it?

You may have witnessed or been involved in the events which occurred and it is important that we obtain all available evidence in order that we may conclude the investigation, properly review the file and make the appropriate decision as regards to any further action.  It would be of assistance in fulfilling all aspects of this investigation if you would complete the questionnaire statement regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

How long will the collision investigation take and will I be informed of the outcome?

The length of time required to investigate a collision depends on the complexity of each individual case, however once all police enquiries are complete the relevant parties will receive a letter outlining how the case was finalised.

If I’ve been involved in a collision which was my fault and I’ve been reported for an offence of Careless Driving, what happens next?

Once the investigation is complete the information collected will be studied by a Decision Maker in the Collision Records Unit who will consider whether any further action is appropriate.  Not all cases will result in a summons to appear at a Magistrates Court however, some drivers may be offered an opportunity to attend a National Driver Alertness Course as a direct alternative to prosecution. Visit the ACPO website for more information on eligibility guidelines.

Durham Constabulary is committed to improving Road Safety and works with other organisations in order to develop safer drivers therefore some drivers may be advised to consider taking advantage of other schemes currently available.  For example, Durham County Council Road Safety Department has developed “SAGE” driving assessments specifically designed for older drivers as well as “EXCELERATE” Courses for those young drivers just starting out.  Visit the Durham County Council website for more information.

Can I obtain a copy of the Police Report?

Applications for a copy of the Police Collision Report must be made in writing via insurance companies or solicitors to the above address.  A copy of the Police Collision Report cannot be supplied directly to the drivers involved.  The Police Collision Report will only be released on completion of all Police enquiries and if Court proceedings have been instigated upon conclusion of the case at Court.  Requests for reports must be in writing to the above address.  Please include the relevant fee and quote our collision reference number.