Fixed Penalty Notices

The Fixed Penalty Unit deals with the administration of all Fixed Penalty Notices issued in the Durham Constabulary force area.  These include Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices, Safety Camera Offences, Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme Notices, Penalty Notices for Disorder and Traffic Offence Reports.

Collision Records & Fixed Penalty Unit
Durham Constabulary Headquarters
Aykley Heads
Telephone:  0191 3752949 – 9am until 5pm
If you wish to appeal against a Fixed Penalty Notice you have received, please download the  Fixed Penalty Request for Excused Payment Form.  Please read the form carefully, then complete and return it to the above address.  Alternatively you can contact us in writing with your appeal ensuring that you provide details of the alleged offence, including a reference number where applicable.
How do I pay my fixed penalty?
The Magistrates’ Courts Fixed Penalty Office deal with payments in respect of all fixed penalty notices.  Payments cannot be made in instalments.  Please do not send your payment to the Police Fixed Penalty Unit as the police are unable to accept payments.
Please refer to your fixed penalty notice for full details regarding payment.  The recommended method of payment is via the internet or via the automated payment line by credit or debit card, telephone number 0300 1231481.  Unfortunately this is not applicable to Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty where payments must be sent by post.  For queries regarding payments, please telephone the Fixed Penalty Office on 0113 3076642, Option 4.
I have been issued with a Traffic Offence Report, what happens next?
The Fixed Penalty Unit will send you correspondence in relation to the offence committed.  If you have any queries regarding your Traffic Offence Report, contact us by e-mail or telephone.
I have received a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty and lost my driving licence. How can I comply with the Conditional Offer I have received?
Please contact the Fixed Penalty Unit who will advise you accordingly and may be able to offer an extension.
I have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for a Safety Camera Offence.  Can I view the visual evidence?
If you wish to view the DVD of the alleged offence or have a query regarding the offence location, speed of your vehicle, signage or type of camera device used, please contact our Safety Camera Unit on 101, extension 74 2732.  (If calling from outside County Durham or Darlington area, when dialling 101 ask for Durham Constabulary when prompted).
If you have been offered the opportunity to attend a Speed Awareness or Diversionary Course, please see below ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which may assist you in deciding whether a course is suitable for you.
A course and NO penalty points sounds good, are there any drawbacks?
You will have to give up some of your time to attend the course and you also have to pay for the course, but by doing this you will not receive any penalty points on your driving licence for this offence.
Where and when are the courses held?
There are National Speed Awareness and Diversionary Courses available at various locations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Course length and cost does vary depending on which area you choose to attend.  The provider for County Durham and Darlington is Hartlepool Borough Council.  More information about the courses they provide is available here.
Telephone 01429 523803 or book online at​
Location of available courses in County Durham and Darlington:
·         Chester-le-Street
·         Consett
·         Darlington
·         Durham
·         Peterlee
Will there be a test?  Can I fail?
There is no test to pass but you are required to complete the course satisfactorily.  This means you must make a positive contribution to the course by participating fully.
Is the course a lecture and do I have to complete coursework?
No, it is a chance to look at some habits that you might have developed, discuss them with others in a relaxed atmosphere and explore some good driving tips with an experienced trainer.  There is no requirement for coursework.
Will I have to notify the Police on completion of the course?
On satisfactory completion of the course, Durham Constabulary will be informed of your participation and the notice closed.
Comments from participants on the Speed Awareness Course
“I was very happy with the course, it was excellent and the Instructor was also excellent”
“Very good value.  The course instructor was positive and professional and made the course interesting and informative.”
“Thank you for giving me the offer of attending a course.  It has made me very conscious of speed requirements, not only in mandatory speed areas but a general reduction in speed at all times.  Benefits have included an increase in fuel economy, a less stressful journey and giving much more attention to other road users.”