House to House Collections

Q: What is the procedure for House to House Collections?

A: Durham Constabulary has recently reviewed its procedures with regard to granting licences under the House to House Collections Act 1939 in view of the number of requests it receives each year.
Licences will only be granted to local people/organisations who wish to collect for charitable causes which are local in character (i.e. County Durham and Borough of Darlington) and are to be completed within a short period of time - typically one to two weeks. Requests for licences for longer periods are always referred to Durham County Council or Darlington Borough Council.

In addition, priority is always given to national charities who are holders of Home Office Exemption Orders.

Application forms may be obtained by contacting Admin. Support Unit, Business Services, Support Services Command, on telephone number 101 ext: 661 2056.

Please note: Street Collections are authorised by the relevant district council.​​