Hate Crime


What is Hate Crime?


"A hate crime is any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a protected characteristic."

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy or Maternity
  • Marriage or Civil Partnerships
  • Gender reassignment
  • Alternative lifestyles and sub cultures
    Examples of hate crime:
  • Spitting
  • Physical attacks
  • Verbal abuse
  • Damage to property
  • Offensive letters, leaflets, emails and texts
  • Bullying and threats
  • Abusive gestures

Hate crime effects victims, families and the wider community and targets people for who they are. It ranges from verbal abuse and harassment to criminal damage and serious assaults. Victims and witnesses are often vulnerable and require a police response that takes account of their particular situation.

Join The Hate Hurts Campaign

 The campaign aims to:

  • Educate people about Hate Crime and the right of all to feel safe and comfortable in their community, whether it’s where they live, work, visit, go to school, church, play or watch sport or socialise.
  • Eradicate it through people uniting against Hate Crime and encouraging victims to report it without fear of reprisal.
  • Celebrate examples of community cohesion, shared values and understanding.

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How To Report Hate Crime


To report hate crime, please see ‘Report a crime’, where you can access our online reporting form.


If you prefer to speak to someone, please dial 101, where someone will be able to help you.
Always dial 999 when life is threatened or people are injured, or if there is a crime in progress or an immediate police response is necessary.


 True Vision


True Vision 



 True Vision is a third party hate crime reporting website supported by all Police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. True Vision provides information for victims and the public about what hate crime is, why it is important to report it when it happens, and sets out the range of ways hate crime can be reported, including via a new online reporting form.



Hate crime's can be reported using the 101 number or 999 in an emergency. Alternatively reports can be made via the True Vision third party reporting web portal at: http://www.report-it.org.uk/home​


What does Durham Constabulary do about Hate Crime?


Cohesion Officers


Durham Constabulary will not tolerate hate crime. We are committed to supporting and protecting the most vulnerable people and groups within our communities and will deal with hate crime as a priority. Eight Cohesion Officers throughout the force area provide reassurance and support to victims of hate crime and by adopting a problem solving approach will prevent and reduce hate crime and improve trust and confidence in Durham Constabulary.


It is the policy of Durham Constabulary to record and investigate hate crime, and give high priority to the investigation of these incidents.


Full recognition is given to the fact that individual incidents, which may appear minor in nature to some, are far more serious when part of a pattern of behaviour directed at members of a minority group.


Durham Constabulary uses a problem solving approach to seek long-term solutions using all the benefits of inter-agency and partnership working.


People who witness or are the victim of hate crime are encouraged to report the incident to the police as soon as possible.

We have joined forces with Stonewall to promote our commitment to sexual orientation and gender identity equality
Below is Stonewall's Mission
We're here to let all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, here and abroad, know they're not alone.
We believe we're stronger united, so we partner with organisations that help us create real change for the better. We have laid deep foundations across Britain - in some of our greatest institutions - so our communities can continue to find ways to flourish, and individuals can reach their full potential. We’re here to support those who can’t yet be themselves.
But our work is not finished yet. Not until everyone feels free to be who they are, wherever they are.





We Stand Together

Durham Constabulary is supporting the ‘We Stand Together’ campaign to raise public awareness about the benefits of community cohesion and aims to highlight what different people have in common rather than their differences.
Durham & Darlington has a long and proud tradition of celebrating diversity and campaigning for equality.
As part of the campaign a number of events have been organised to encourage communities to stand together and celebrate Durham Police’s long and proud tradition of community cohesion and diversity.
There are a range of ways hate crime can be reported, including via an online reporting site True Vision. The site also provides links to organisations that can offer support and advice on hate crime related issues. The We Stand Together campaign offers opportunities for communities across the county to get involved and demonstrate their commitment to tacking hate crime.


Independent Advisory Group

Our Independent advisory group (IAG) advise on Durham Constabulary’s working practices, policies and procedures from a community perspective. They help us to engage with and understand the needs of all of our communities and to tailor our services to suit their needs.
The Independent Advisory Group represent the diverse communities of County Durham and Darlington.
The group meet every three months to facilitate a two way flow of information that promotes a better understanding of the role of the police service and the impact that it has in diverse communities. Recently advice has been sought on changes made to the force operating model and the impact that extreme right wing demonstrations have on minority communities.
If you would be interested in becoming a member of the IAG please contact us using the below contact information:
Phone: 0191 375 2868
Cohesion Unit 
Durham Constabulary Headquarters
Aykley Heads 
Durham, DH1 5TT

Equality and Diversity within Durham Constabulary