Drug Arrest Referral Scheme

National research has identified a significant amount of crime is related to illicit drug taking. To this end Durham Constabulary support the provision of drug referral workers who work from various police stations in County Durham and Darlington to offer appropriate treatment, support and guidance to those arrested for drug related offences.

The aim of the service is to: 

  • Break the cycle of drug misuse among people who use drugs
  • Reduce the harm caused by drug misuse both to the offender and the wider community.
  • Reduce the danger to the community caused by drug related anti-social and criminal behaviour.
  • Support first time young offenders to obtain early intervention, resist drug misuse and prevent them entering the Criminal Justice System.
  • Enable those with chronic drug problems to access treatment at all stages of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Reduce the levels of repeat offending among illicit drug using offenders.
  • Provide assessment and rapid referral of arrestees forwarded as suitable for the service through local Police stations, self referral and the courts.
  • Provide a first step in care and treatment for clients arrested and referred into the scheme.


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North East Council on Addictions - NECA