Clubs and Target Shooting


Unless you are a landowner, or have the permission from a landowner to shoot vermin or larger game with a Section 1 firearm, you will need to be a full member of a Home Office approved rifle and/or muzzle-loading pistol club. This is necessary for you to establish good reason for the possession of such a gun.

The added advantage of being a member of such a club is the training and knowledge you will gain during your probationary period as laid down by the club rules. You will learn to handle guns confidently and be aware of the safety aspects surrounding the sport. Membership of an approved club will also open up the opportunities to meet experts not only in that particular field but that of other interest areas as historical and technical firearms and other associated militeria.

If you wish to shoot firearms without the added responsibility of guns being stored at your own premises, you can do so by joining a club which possesses a Club Firearms Certificate. This allows members to use club guns, held on that certificate, without the requirement of each member having a certificate in their own right.