Firearm Safety

​Land Use

Shooters who use their firearms for hunting, deer stalking and vermin control, will find general guidance for safety in these pursuits in our Shotgun Safety and Air Weapon Safety pages.

In addition to that advice, firearm certificate holders in the above pursuits, must ensure that they are use their firearms within the authorisation limits of their firearm certificates.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate authority to shoot on the land and that where necessary the land is deemed suitable by the Chief Officer of Police for that area.

Remember, you cannot just lend or borrow firearms. Normally you need to hold the authority for a particular weapon, on your firearm certificate, in order to have it in your possession. Alternatively, without the appropriate certificate, another way to shoot shotguns and/or rifles is when you are accompanied by the landowner or his agent, (e.g. game warden), shooting on his land, using his weapons, within the limitations of the authorities on the certificate, for that weapon.

Target shooting

Members of approved target shooting clubs are subject to the discipline codes, rules and regulations as laid down in their constitution.

Every responsible club will have safety as a top priority and range marshals should always be present to ensure that all members adhere to the rules and regulations. Many of the rules of safety are common sense as can be seen below:


  • Abide by your club's rules and regulations. They are there for your safety.
  • Prove every weapon before accepting or handing it to someone else.
  • Follow the directions of your instructor or range marshal.
  • Ensure it is safe to shoot, before pulling the trigger.



  • Point a gun, even unloaded at anyone.
  • Hand a gun to someone else without proving it.
  • Put down a loaded gun.


Above all - enjoy your sport and be safe.