How Do I Join the Club?

​To have shown an interest in this sport you have probably already come into contact with shooters whether this contact was personal or through sport publications or even the internet, we strongly advise that you join one of the recognised and reputable shooting organisations.

All approved clubs must meet certain criteria to obtain that approval. The matters that affect the new shooter are:

  • Anyone who applies for club membership must be sponsored by at least one club member.
  • Before becoming a full member, individuals must serve a probationary period of at least three months. Some clubs may require a longer period.
  • No application for full or probationary membership will be granted unless the applicant has informed the club of whether he/she has ever had an application for a firearm or shotgun certificate refused or revoked by the police.


Please be aware that all approved clubs maintain liaison with the police, and will notify the police if any member has not shot or attended the club within the last twelve months, or has allowed their membership to cease.