​​Shooting Organisations & Proof Houses

To make the very most of your chosen sport, contact with other shooters, of similar interests, will help you to become more involved with shooting disciplines. Alternatively, meeting shooters with different interests to your own may open up new horizons. Such will open up endless possibilities to allow you to improve your shooting abilities. Although membership of many of the shooting organisations are voluntary, if should be remembered that for target shooting with Section 1 weapons, it is a legal requirement to belong to a Home Office approved rifle or muzzle-loading club.

There are many reputable organisations involved in shooting and the following list is not exhaustive. Click on the relevant link to visit each website and learn more about shooting.

Birmingham  Proof House

British Association for Shooting & conservation

British Deer Society

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

Muzzle loaders Association of Great Britain

National Rifle Association

National Small-Bore Rifle Association

United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association