Variation of a Firearm Certificate

​Once a firearm certificate has been granted, variations as to the firearms and ammunition currently authorised may, on the application of the holder, be made by the Chief Officer of Police of the area in which the holder resides.

Form 201(V) should be used. The certificate holder must submit his current firearm certificate, along with his completed Form 201(V), and where appropriate, the fee

No new photographs are required, nor is it necessary to provide referees.

The appropriate fee is payable only when the variation application results in an increase in the number of firearms authorised by the certificate.

One for one variations

It is emphasised that a variation is always necessary if a certificate holder wishes to change one of his firearms, even if he seeks to purchase one identical to the one he is disposing of.

Applications for "one for one" variations, including both same and different calibre weapons, should be made by the certificate holder submitting his firearm certificate together with a completed Form 201(V), direct to Firearms Licensing. Such applications will be processed free of charge, providing that firearms licensing are informed within seven days from when the transaction takes place and the police are informed of the disposal transaction and the new request at the same time. In the case of a change of authorisation which has not yet been taken up, this is not usually a problem.

Further enquiries may be necessary for applications to confirm continued good reason is unchanged or where agreed storage capacities are not exceeded.

However, if for example, the application includes a change of use or to acquire a full-bore firearm when the applicant's shooting club only has facilities for small-bore shooting, then the circumstances will have to be re-examined. Similarly if the agreed storage capacity is exceeded, due to an increase in the number of weapons held, then it will be necessary to re-inspect the security aspect.