Staying Safe









Hanging out with friends

Keep safe by;

  • Walking on the pavement


  • Sticking to routes you know and in well-lit areas


  • If you are going somewhere unfamiliar, plan your route; know where you are going and how to get there


  • Out and About - Go with friends or family and always stick together


  • Never accept a lift from a stranger


  • Never take things from a stranger


  • Never go off on your own


  • Always try to play with other children and friends but always let your parents or carers know where you are.


Road Safety









Find the safest place to cross then stop on the pavement at the curb or the edge if there is no curb.

Have a good look around, make sure you can see if anything is coming and that drivers can see you.

Listen carefully, never cross whilst chatting, listening to your MP3 player or talking on your mobile phone.

Remember when it is safe to cross walk straight across the road, keep looking and listening while you cross.

Think! Hedgehog Road Safety-King of the Road Video









Cycle Safety

  • Always wear a helmet


  • Be Bright Be Seen


  • Stick to routes you know


  • Take good care of your bicycle











Bullying can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. No one has the right to upset or hurt you.

A bully might; 

  • Push, Kick, Hit or pinch you
  • Call you names, tease you, exclude you from activities or games, make fun of you in front of friends
  • Send you horrible messages on your phone or computer


What should you do?

Tell an adult you trust (a parent, carer or teacher)

Keep any messages you are sent so you can show an adult you trust


Show Racism the Red Card








Racism is treating someone differently or unfairly because they belong to a different race, religion or culture.

It is against the law to treat people differently or unfairly because of their race.

No one has the right to make you feel bad or abuse you