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Police Officer recruitment

Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship Process
Application packs are now available and will close 5 pm prompt on Friday 25th October, 2019.  Any applications received after this will not be included. There is an application form and a V3 form to download & complete.  Both forms must be fully completed, signed on the declaration page and  returned.  If we do not receive both forms then unfortunately your application cannot  be progressed. You must also include photos of any visible tattoos as part of your application (see application form).  Copies of qualificaiton certificates must also be submitted with the application.
What qualifications / skills do I need to apply?
  1. To be eligible to apply applicants must possess the following qualifications / experience;
    1. Level 3 qualifications where the grades total 120 UCAS points or higher
    Experiential Learning – Professional training or significant work experience considered to be equal to the above (if this is applicable please complete the Experiential Learning Form below)
    Your Tariff Points can be made up of a number of different types of qualifications.  Please utilise the UCAS calculation tool below to help you.
    Calculator for UCAS Tariff Points
    Durham Police will review a candidate’s professional training or work experience in line with the national Police Officers competency framework, if a candidate does not have the required UCAS points.
    What if I have studied abroad?
    If you have studied a non UK qualification, you can see how it compares to the standard entry criteria, please review Northumbria Universities website in relation to international qualifications www.northumbria.ac.uk/yourcountry. Also note you will be required to get a certified translations of qualifications if certificates are not issued in English.
    Copies of all educational qualifications evidencing the above MUST be attached and submitted as part of your application.
    Or you may apply if you currently hold one of the below specialist Police Staff roles and with the completion of the Experiential Learning Form
    1. a policing qualification approved by the Sector Skills Council for the Justice Sector (Certificate of Knowledge in Policing – CKP)
    1. 2 years’ service as a Special Constable and also have attained Independent Patrol Status, performing minimum hours (16 hours per month average) at the time of application.
    1. 2 years’ service as a Community Support Officer designated under section 38 of the Police Reform Act 2002 at the time of application.
    1. 2 years’ service in a police staff role which is considered by the chief officer to prepare a person for service as a member of a police force.  In Durham these roles are;
    ·         CET File Builder
    ·         Detention Officer
    ·         Call Handler / Dispatcher
    ·         Investigative Officer
    ·         CSI
    ·         Front Counter Clerk
What other eligibility criteria do I require?  
  • Candidates must be granted stay in the UK which is free from restrictions and be over 18 years. At the point of application you must be 18 years old
  • Must not be members of the BNP or other such group.
  • You should not have tattoos which could cause offence.  Tattoos are not acceptable if they are particularly prominent, garish, offensive or undermine the dignity and authority of your role.  Visible tattoos must be covered by clothing.  Tattoos to hands, neck & face are not permitted.
  • Criminal record - A number of crimes will mean a definite or likely rejection of your application, including anyone who has received a formal caution in the last five years, committed a violent crime or public order offence.  If you are unsure, contact your chosen force for more information.
  • You must have a full driving licence to drive a manual motor car at the time of application submission
In order to apply you will need to download an application form and associated documentation This must be return before the closing date either by post to HR Services, Durham Constabulary, Police Headquarters Aykley Heads, Durham, DH1 5TT or can be hand delivered to Main reception only during the hours of Monday to Friday 7.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. If you post the application & V3 please ensure you have the correct postage on.
When will the Assessment Centre be?
The Assessment Centre is scheduled for 21st – 31st January 2020.  Should you be successful at the paper-sift stage the Assessment Centre dates & times are non-negotiable.
Where is the Assessment Centre held & how long does it last?
College of Policing, Harperley Hall, Fir Tree, Crook, Co Durham DL15 8DS. It will last approximately 5 hours. Once a place for the Assessment Centre has been allocated there will be no opportunity to withdraw or change the allocated date & time.
What happens at the assessment centre?
  • Interactive exercises - There are four separate scenarios.  You are role playing as a customer care advisor.  You are provided with information concerning an incident and will be given 5 minutes to prepare before interacting with an actor for a further 5 minutes.
  • Written exercises - There are two written exercises, these are similar to the interactive but instead of verbalising the response you write it down.
  • Competency based interview - You will be asked 4 questions and given 5 minutes for each question. The questions are about how you have dealt with incidents in the past.
  • Plus two additional ability tests - one to measure your numerical reasoning and the second to measure your verbal logical reasoning.
Successful at Assessment Centre
The last stage will be Interview, scheduled for March 2020, with a panel of Senior Officer’s & a HR Representative
During your interview you will be asked a series of questions covering the following areas:
Awareness of Durham Constabularies Policing Ethos
Operational Policing
People Skills
Partnerships and Communities
Successful at Interview
Any offer will be subject to
·         Vetting Clearance (both financial & recruitment – on-line)
·         Medical & Drugs test – approx. 1 hour 30 mins at HQ, OHN & FMA,
·         Refs – 1 current employer & 2 character references
·        Fitness test up to level 5.4 – which is a 15 metre bleep held at      Meadowfield Police Training Centre
·        Biometrics Vetting - DNA mouth swab & fingerprints
Training, based at Durham & Northumbria University, over the 3 years to study for the degree & at the end should you pass the Degree you will then be a substantive Response Police Officer. Year 1 is 17 weeks classroom based, plus supported Deployment (PDO/Assessor), Year 2 is 5 weeks classroom based, plus supported Deployment & the final year 6 weeks classroom based, plus supported deployment.  The starting salary £24,177.
What do I return
You must return:-
1)  the fully completed application form
2) the Police Constable Registration Form (V3)
3)  Copies of your qualificaiton certificates
4)  the Pre application notice to Candidates, only if applicable, to register a disability
 If any of the above are excluded from the applicaiton pack them your application will not be progressed.
Further research
Further information is available via the police could you website using the following hyperlink:-
www.college.police.uk, (under Development & Police Recruitment)

As a probationer constable, your personal self-development will be assured by a comprehensive training and development programme. This continues on completion of your probation with regular appraisals and opportunities to for you to progress your career.


One of the most important roles is that of the uniformed constable, protecting and reassuring our communities. In particular the designated beat officer has ownership of a particular area to patrol and works closely with other partners in the community to resolve local problems.

Other career development may take the form of working in the areas of criminal investigation, intelligence, safeguarding, traffic, firearms, dog section, training, community safety and youth offending.


We are searching for women and men over the age of 18 years from a wide range of backgrounds. You must be physically fit and able to pass the national eyesight and medical standards.


We welcome applications from anyone who considers themselves to have a protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act 2010.


You must demonstrate sound common sense, good communication skills, and an ability to work under your own initiative, and as part of a team. Personal qualities, which include integrity, honesty and a determination to serve the people of County Durham and Darlington, are essential.

We prefer officers to reside in the Force area, however there is some flexibility depending upon the distance involved.

Candidates must be prepared to resign from the Special Constabulary, however, officers may still remain as volunteers of Military Adult Voluntary Reserve Forces with the approval of the Chief constable. These are defined as the TA., the Royal Naval reserve, the Royal Marines Reserve, the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Please note the Chief Constable has the right to reject your application at any stage in the process, without giving reason. 




Durham Constabulary is not currently accepting transferee applications for the post of Constable.

Criteria to Transfer

  • Be a police officer in a Home Office Force or the British Transport Police
  • Have completed your probationary period.
  • Be able to meet the national standards in medical criteria.  Visit the Police Recruitment website
  • Have a good sickness record
  • Have no outstanding complaints or discipline matters and a history that indicates high professional standards and conduct
  • Be financially solvent