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Durham Constabulary is acknowledged as one of the most progressive forces in Britain.

We have a strong family spirit amongst all our staff and our Specials are an integral part of the extended policing family. As a community-based force, we value the contribution that Special Constables make, both to Durham Constabulary and to the local community.
As a Special Constable, you will be required to work a minimum of 192 duty hours per year. However, working times are flexible. You will be required to attend a monthly meeting and other training sessions, as necessary, to keep your professional knowledge up to date.
You will be compensated for travelling expenses, all training and equipment will be provided free of charge. Your duties will largely involve patrol and close working with the community as part of a Neighbourhood Policing Team to provide reassurance and solutions to local problems.
Of course, you will have the full support of other special and regular officers and that of Durham Constabulary behind you. In return for your commitment, we will help to further develop your skills and personal qualities. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in your local community.
Our Special Constables also support response and specialist policing units across the force area.  

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Supporting Policing

The Special Constabulary work alongside regular police officers in Neighbourhood teams, response teams and a limited number work alongside the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations unit as Road Policing Special Constables. Officers have opportunity to develop further skills and can apply for specialist posts within departments such as Safeguarding and Crime Teams.  
Neighbourhood Policing
Supporting neighbourhood policing is a key focus area for the officers of Durham Special Constabulary.  Specials assist in all areas of neighbourhood policing from getting involved in PACT meetings to dealing with anti-social behaviour, working with partner agencies to effectively deal with problems. Officers also deal with the continued investigation of offences, executing warrants, conducting licensing checks and a host of other activities.
Response Policing
Responding to emergencies is a key function of the police and a function that Special Constables support across the force area. Working alongside regular officers or ”single crewed”,  Specials respond to 999 calls and deal with all manner of issues from missing people to drunken behaviour, road traffic collisions to thefts, and everything else the varied role of policing can bring.

Roads Policing
Working alongside the Durham half of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, the Special Constables attached to this unit assist in supporting and maintaining an environment where individuals can use the roads with confidence. They work alongside supporting SC colleagues in the Neighbourhoods with vehicle-related PACT complaints and issues.

Working alongside regular traffic officers or sometimes on their own, the road policing Specials respond to a wide variety of road-related issues such as serious collisions, drink-drivers, thefts of  vehicles and minor traffic offences. 

Please refer to our recruitment page for further information.

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