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Posted on Wednesday 3 August 2022

It's not every day that we get someone with good manners in the back of our police cars....or more than 90!

Unfortunately, 96-year-old Alex had fallen in Darlington town centre yesterday afternoon but thankfully officers were quick in coming to his rescue.

Patrolling officers, PCSOs Lucy Brown and Sarah Smith were alerted to the fall and swiftly ran over to assist the man.

Once he was all checked over and everything appeared to be in top nick, the PCSOs offered him a lift home in their police car.

PCSO Sarah Smith said: “It’s awful when you witness an elderly person fall over, everyone knows that sinking feeling in your stomach.

“Are they going to be okay? How bad have they fallen? Do we need to ring an ambulance?

“Thankfully for Alex, he was in a busy area of the town and lots of people had seen him fall over which is why we were straight to the scene.

“Alex loved his ride in the police car and he gave us both a laugh along the way as he joked about what had just happened.

“We wish you a speedy recovery Alex and look forward to a less dramatic appearance in town next time please.”

The PCSOs paid Alex a visit this morning with a few little goodies to aid in his recovery, not forgetting treats for Mia, his little dog and trusty companion.

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