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Posted on Thursday 13 January 2022
Stefan Hayes
Meet PC Stefan Haynes. Stefan joined the force in August 2020, aged 39.

1. What did you do before you joined?

I helped run multiple vehicle repair centres around the North East. I was in the motor

trade for 17 years. I had always wanted to join the Police but life and career had always

got in the way. I felt that if I didn't at least try then I would always regret it and I got in.

2. Has the job been what you expected?

It has been and more. I had an idea of what was ahead of me but in reality it's tougher and more rewarding than I could have anticipated. My shift feels like family, we trust and rely on each other for support and protection both physically and emotionally.

. Can you remember your first shift and arrest?

It was a daunting experience, I was nervous and excited. I could not have hoped for a better tutor to have guided me through my first 10 weeks. My first arrest was for a sexual assault.

4. Do you have any jobs that are particularly memorable to you and why?

I was dealing with a mental health crisis incident along with my team. It was full of ups and downs, aggression and calm. Overall we were with him for 6 hours whilst we supported him. It highlighted further the importance of being able to build that rapport quickly and maintain it. Without it, this incident could have had a very different result.

5. How have you found the job fits in with your personal life?

My family and I have adapted to the shifts, we spent quite some time preparing and planning for it. It's not always great for my family but we make it work for our benefit and try to make to most of our time together.

6. What advice would you give to other people thinking of applying?

Look into it thoroughly and don't rush in it. The Police is a lifestyle not a job. Come into the station, speak to officers ask to be shown around.

7. If you could sum up the job/your experience in three words what would they be?

Family. Trust. Tough.

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