Website Accessibility

We have set out to achieve the highest standards of accessibility, in line with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)  and Government guidelines.
While we strive to keep our website in line with the current web accessibility standards, we need feedback from real web users. Do you have a disability that affects the way you use the web? For example, do you use assistive technologies such as a screen-reader? Do you find this site easy to use? Is there anything we could do to improve accessibility? Contact us to tell us what you think.
Text sizing

There are various ways to change the size of the text displayed on each page.
At the top of each page on the right hand side, the text size can be increased or decreased by clicking on the ‘A A A’ icon.
You can also change the text size settings in your web browser. In most web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) this is done by going to the 'View' menu and selecting the 'Text size' option.