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Report online For non emergencies
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 101 For all non emergencies
Call 101 For All non emergencies

Everyone is entitled to live safely without fear of violence or abuse.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse, talk to us - we are here to help you.

The form will take about five to ten minutes to complete, so please make sure you’re safe to take that time to complete it.

Your report will go to our 24/7 contact centre and will be reviewed within a few hours at most.

We won’t send you a receipt email, as this could be a threat to your safety. 

Click here to get started. 

Please note: this service is for reporting controlling, bullying, threatening or violent behaviour between partners, ex-partners, family members or carers.

If what you want to report to us involves people who aren't related to each other in that way, please use our 101 Live Chat service.

Find out more about domestic abuse, and other agencies that can help you, here