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Durham Constabulary is committed to improving our service delivery through modernisation.  As part of this strategy, paper applications are no longer sent to applicants as part of the renewal process.  Instead, all below forms and supporting documents should be submitted to the Firearms Licensing Unit via email.  Applicants should contact the Unit after submission of a completed application between the hours of 9am - 3pm Monday-Friday on 0191 3752240 to make payment.

Forms for download

Firearms and Shotgun Grant Renewal Form (201) including medical proforma

Residents notification form

ER4A - Personal Use Explosives Renewal or Application Form

Firearms Variation Application Form (201V)

Shotgun firearms transfer notice

Firearms dealers: Application for registration or for new Certificate of Registration

RFD1 supplementary form to accompany RFD application

RFD 2 servant declaration

Application for the grant / renewal of a certificate

Please note that prior to submission of any grant application, applicants must ensure that they have recent verifiable experience / competency in the area of which they are applying.  Applications for a firearm must also have an associated ‘good reason’ in law for example full membership of a home office approved club or shooting rights / land permissions.  For full details on requirement for good reason please see the Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law accessible via the Home Office website.  Any applicant who fails to evidence the aforementioned will experience delays in the processing of their application, be asked to withdraw their application and reapply at such time when the necessary experience / good reason has been gained or have their application refused.

All grant and renewal applications should be accompanied by the Residents Notification form as above as well as a current passport style photo and medical pro-forma.  Renewal applications must also include a copy of all pages of the applicant’s current certificate/s or original. 

Please note that following the publication of changes to the Home Office Statutory Guidance in November 2021, for the granting and renewal of certificates, applicants are now required, at their own expense, to obtain a medical proforma as part of the application process.  The applicant is expected to meet the cost if a fee is charged for this. The completed medical proforma can then be sent with the completed application or forwarded separately by the medical professional. 

Please note that the onus is placed upon the applicant to ensure that both the completed medical proforma and application are received by the Firearms Licensing Unit.  The application will not be progressed until both parts are received.  If the application relates to the renewal of an existing certificate the onus is placed upon the applicant to ensure that both parts are received prior to the listed expiry date of the certificate.  

This proforma and explanatory notes are all contained within the downloadable application.

Time and care should be taken to complete applications in conjunction with the accompanying guidance notes, in particular note 4 and 5 in relation to medical information and disclosure and part 15 and 16 in relation to convictions and offences.

Please note any incomplete or insufficient applications may be returned and will result in delays in processing or the application being returned to the applicant.  This includes applications not having been signed or dated.

Late applications for renewal (Applicable for expiry dates on or after 1 Dec 2023)

Completed Renewal applications submitted 8 weeks or more prior to expiry will be issued a post expiry extension to facilitate the renewal process.  Those eligible will be notified in writing when this extension is applied.

Completed Renewal applications submitted less that 8 weeks or more prior to expiry will be expected to lodge any possessed guns and section 1 ammunition at the point of certificate expiry should the renewal have not been granted. This would be with another certificate holder with appropriate authority or else a registered firearms dealer.  Failure to do this would result in the aforementioned items being illegally held.

Variation of a firearms certificate

Licence Holders who wish to vary the firearms and ammunition authorised or held on an existing firearms certificate should submit form 201V along with the original and current firearms certificate to the Firearms Licensing Unit for consideration. 

Cancelling down of an existing certificate

Licence holders who do not wish to renew their certificate and do not possess any licenced guns, must advise the Firearms Licensing Unit of this via email or letter prior to the expiry date.

Licence holders who wish to cancel down their certificate but still have licensed guns in their possession, must ensure they are transferred to another certificate holder with appropriate authority or to a registered firearms dealer before the expiry date and ensure that notification is sent to the Firearms Licensing Unit in writing as soon as possible.  

Transfer of a firearm / shotgun

Licence holders who have transferred, disposed of or acquired any items held within the confines of their certificate must inform the Firearms Licensing Unit within 7 days.   It is the responsibility of both the transferer and transferee to notify of the transaction.

Registered Firearms Dealers

The first application to become a registered firearm dealer (RFD) must be made to the chief officer of police for the area where the place of business is situated and must include a full business plan. 

All RFD grants and renewals must be submitted with supporting documents as follows: RFD 1 form completed by the applicant; RFD 2 form completed by any proposed servants; medical proforma in respect of the Applicant.

Please note that RFD certificates subject to the renewal process are not eligible for any extension on the validity of the term of the licence and therefore must be submitted in good time. 


Certificate typeGrant or renewal of certificateTotal fee payable
Firearm certificate  Grant £88
Firearm certificate Renewal £62
Shot gun certificate  Grant £79.50
Shot gun certificate Renewal £49
Registered firearms dealer  Grant / renewal £200
Visitors permit  Individual £20
Visitors permit  Group (six or more permits) £100
Coterminous certificates  Grant of both shotgun and firearm certificates £90
Coterminous certificates Grant of a shotgun certificate /renewal of firearm certificate £90
Coterminous certificates Renewal of a shotgun certificate /grant of a firearm certificate £90
Coterminous certificates Renewal of both shotgun and firearm certificates £65
Game fairs Grant £13
Replacement certificate   £4
Variation (not like for like) – applicable only to firearm certificates    £20