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The purpose of The Road Safety Bureau is to make the roads in County Durham and Darlington safer by reducing offences such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and using mobile phones. The Road Safety Bureau deploys cameras at nominated sites across County Durham and Darlington.

Drivers found committing an offence are encouraged to take the speed awareness course if they qualify.  The speed awareness course is an alternative to the fixed penalty process, being fined and getting three penalty points on your licence, when your speed has been recorded marginally above the limit.

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution/Section 172 Notice you can view photographic evidence of the offence via the public access portal at 

You will need your notice number (16 digits), VRM of the offending vehicle and your passcode to log on to the portal (all information is supplied on the notice sent to you).

The photographic evidence should not be relied upon for identification purposes, it is held only to support the police prosecution.

The portal gives you access to calibration certificates, frequently asked questions and the ability to nominate a driver.  An admission cannot yet be made online and the notice must be physically returned to the Road Safety Bureau for processing.

For information on the speed awareness course, click here.

For information on fixed penalty notices, click here

Contact information

Road Safety Bureau
Spennymoor Police Station
Wesleyan Road
DL16 6FB

Email address:
Telephone: 0191 3752949  (10am until 4pm)