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Active Priorities

  • 13 August 2018 - ASB Nuisance/Off Road Bikes

    Off road bikes, particularly on weekends are becoming more of a demand on Police Resources. When reporting an Off road bike on 101 it is essential that description of both bike and rider, if possible can be taken, this gives Police a much bigger opportunity to trace the suspect and identify the rider.

    Your vehicle can be seized and removed.


    Under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 the Police have the power to seize and remove a motor vehicle if the vehicle is used in a matter that constitutes an offence on or off road and is likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to member of the public.


This is what we have done

  • 26 February 2018 - ASB Nuisance/Off Road Bikes
    High visibility patrols to be conducted around the area to help identify persons responsible.
    Persons who are identified in relation to off road bikes will be given warning notices and could potentially have their vehicles / bikes seized.

    We are encouraging residents to report all Anti-Social behaviour in the area to help us identify offenders.
    Monday 13th August 2018
    Off road bikes continues to be an issue in this area and residents continue to let officers know when they are out and about in the area. We continue to patrol the area to try and detect those that persist riding around the street.
    Any information please send to PCSO Christine Taylor.

These are the policing priorities that local people have agreed with your policing team. You can have some influence on future policing priorities by attending your next PACT meeting.

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