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  • 06 September 2018 - Anti Social Behaviour & Shoplifting

    Due to the nature of a Town centre it attracts a lot of young people on evenings, particularly on Friday nights and weekends so we are out on patrol on these times to help prevent Anti social behaviour in our Town centre, North End and the Riverside Park area. Shop lifting is always a priority and we will up our patrols coming up to Christmas and deal with any offenders.

This is what we have done

  • 06 September 2018 - Anti Social Behaviour & Shoplifting


    Wednesday 9th January 2019
    Happy New Year
    We have had officers on foot patrol over Christmas to help prevent shoplifters coming to Chester-Le-Street for easing pickings. Those that have been caught have been prosecuted and had their image placed onto a TOP 10 photo gallery for all retail store on the Shop watch scheme.
    We have had very little incidents down at the Riverside Park in relation to under age drinking. The summer initiative worked very well to prevent young people drinking alcohol, swimming in the Wear and playing loud music to the annoyance of the fishing members who pay to use the river banks for peace and quiet and to enjoy their fishing during the summer.
    Please e mail myself and or Paul if you want to tell us something that is happening or you need to know anything about this area you plan to move too.

    Wednesday 13th February 2019
    The Riverside is quiet at the moment but increased patrols we start from Easter and throughout the summer along with the council wardens and the Fire brigade to spread the word in relation to fire safety.
    All housing estates in our area have to be aware that if you have not called a trader to your house you don't need any repairs done to your home don't answer your door to Cold callers and report all incidents straight away to the police.
    Please e mail myself and or Paul if you want to tell us something that is happening or you need to know anything about this area you plan to move too.

These are the policing priorities that local people have agreed with your policing team. You can have some influence on future policing priorities by attending your next PACT meeting.

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CANCELLEDTeesdale PACT meeting 22 April 2020

Event Date: 22/04/2020 19:00:00

Durham Constabulary are following guidance from Public Health regarding public gatherings and are cancelling all PACT meetings If you have any issues or concerns please contact us via

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South Stanley PACT Meeting Thursday 28th May 2020

Event Date: 28/05/2020 19:00:00

The meetings will be attended by a representative from your neighbourhood policing team and will be specific to your area and individual neighbourhood priorities will be discussed. All members of the community are welcome.

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