Community Schemes

​If you are organising a local community event please remember to contact the relevant council’s Safety Advisory Group for advice, guidance and support to ensure the event goes safely. You can find details on both the Durham County Council and Darlington Council websites.


Your local policing team has been taking action to cut car crime.

In an ongoing initiative to reduce thefts from vehicles there were a series of house raids in April. The activity, which came about as a result of information from the community, led to the seizure of goods and illegal drugs.

To support the campaign local PCSOs also patrolled car parks in Consett and Stanley, leaving flyers with crime prevention advice for drivers who had left cars unlocked or had left valuables on display.

Sgt Rob Pollard says: "It is clear that thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles to steal property from within to fund drug and alcohol addictions.

"A few simple measures will reduce the chances of being a victim, such as locking your vehicle even if you are leaving it for a very short time.

"And we cannot stress enough that any property or valuables should not be left on view."

Follow this simple guidance to prevent becoming a victim of car crime yourself.

  • Clear valuables out of your car.

  • Take care where you park your car

  • If you need to store valuables in your car keep them out of sight from opportunist thieves by locking them in the boot.

  • If you have a garage use it as this will dramatically reduce the chance of becoming a car crime victim.

  • If you do not have a garage, you are less likely to become a car crime victim if you park in a well-lit, busy area or secure car park.

Cut Car Crime with Durham Constabulary Use theft-resistant number plates which are widely available online. Stolen number plates can be transferred to vehicles subsequently used to commit driving offences and more serious crimes.

Pick-up vehicles, 4x4s, vans and high-performance cars are particular targets for thieves and owners need to be vigilant.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch as crime is always lower in areas with an effective Neighbourhood Watch presence.

For more information join the police on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions about policing in the Consett area, or if you would like to speak to a member of the local team you can contact us on the non-emergency number 101, or visit our facebook page or twitter feed .


Hamsteels Activity Day, Esh Winning


Your local Neighbourhood Policing Officers, PC Kirstie Wilson and PCSO Debra Robson have hosted an activity day on the Hamsteels Estate in Esh Winning. This was due to an increase in the area of anti social behaviour. After engaging with the local youths and the community as a whole through our Police and Community Together Meetings, it was deemed that there was a lack of suitable facilities for the youths on the estate along with a lack of community spirit. This event has had a overwhelming response with over 150 attending and showing their support for the local community. A huge thank you to those who made the day possible; Police, Safer Neighbourhoods Unit, YMCA, Derwentside Homes, Durham City Homes, Durham County Council, Kickz project, the Anti Social Behaviour Team, Fire Service and the local community members who provided refreshments and activities in the community centre. The event also raised £182 which will be used to host future activities for the youths in the area.

We have also undertaken a multi agency problem solving approach to reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour on the estate and across the border to Esh Winning. It has been clear to see that since working with our partner agencies, anti-social behaviour has greatly reduced in the area.

We are also looking to obtain funding for a permanent teen zone in the area which would be a place for the youth community to meet and socialise. If you are interested in helping with this project please contact your local PCSO Debra Robson, by calling 101, or emailing 



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