Community Schemes

​​If you are organising a local community event please remember to contact the relevant council’s Safety Advisory Group for advice, guidance and support to ensure the event goes safely. You can find details on both the Durham County Council and Darlington Council websites.


Action has been taken about people drinking alcohol in the streets as a direct result of concerns expressed by residents.

Working with the local authority, we have brought a designated public place order (DPPO) into force in Darlington.

DPPOs are a tool that can be used by the local authority to deal with the problems of anti-social alcohol drinking in public places.

Once a DPPO is in place the police can use their confiscation powers to enforce the restriction. It is not an offence to drink alcohol in a designated area, but it is an offence if someone fails to comply with an officer's requests to stop drinking and surrender alcohol without reasonable excuse.

DPPOs are available in areas with alcohol-related anti-social behaviour problems. They have been used across the country in areas ranging from a single street or park, to town centre or city-wide areas to great success.

Our aim is to make the streets of Darlington a much safer environment for the community and enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the town and its facilities.

If you have any comments about this, or if you would like to speak to a member of your local policing team you can contact us on 101.