Community Schemes

​If you are organising a local community event please remember to contact the relevant council’s Safety Advisory Group for advice, guidance and support to ensure the event goes safely. You can find details on both the Durham County Council and Darlington Council websites.


You may already be aware of the Safe City initiative which was launched last October.

It was launched on the back of the success of the Night Safe scheme, extending it to all aspects of community safety across the whole district both day and night, with the aim of making Durham the safest city in the country. 

To help it succeed we took a co-ordinated approach, working with shops, businesses, partner organisations, such as Durham University, Durham Area Action Partnership, Durham County Council, and the local community.

No one area is looked at in isolation. What happens at Belmont Retail Park is connected to the City Centre and the Arnison Centre, and people involved in shop crime can also affect licensed premises.

We have started a number of projects around Neighbourhood Watch, retail crime, homeless/ rough sleepers, anti-social behaviour, burglaries and thefts from vehicles.

And the result?  Ongoing reductions mean there are fewer victims of crime and by the end of February anti-social behaviour was down by nearly a third.

The initiative will continue as we aim to make Durham the safest city in the country. We can only do that by working in partnership with local organisations and local people. Together we can make a difference!