Community Schemes

​If you are organising a local community event please remember to contact the relevant council’s Safety Advisory Group for advice, guidance and support to ensure the event goes safely. You can find details on both the Durham County Council and Darlington Council websites.

Neighbourhood Policing Team

The Peterlee neighbourhood policing team is working closely with colleagues at Durham County Council to provide local people with the best possible service.

At a time when changes to structures and funding constraints could impact on local issues, we are making sure that our communities receive the same or an even better service.

In practice this means that the teams are now working side by side in the town and villages to solve the problems that matter to you.

New shift patterns mean more team members are on duty when they're needed, for instance at weekends. But we've ensured that together we cover the other periods so that no community is left without anyone to respond to concerns.

You can be confident that we are there when you need us, as we have been in recent months following increased reports of antisocial behaviour involving off-road motorbikes on public footpaths and open spaces.

We have worked closely with the Safe Durham Partnership to secure funding to continue with patrols of the area by specialised officers on off-road bikes.

They will stop and prosecute anyone found committing offences, such as not having insurance or licensing issues. They will also use their powers to remove the bike concerned; this was really effective last year with over 23 bikes recovered.

We don't always need to catch someone on the bike, if you know someone who is using a motorbike anti-socially and you inform us we will take some action using anti-social behaviour legislation. These bikes are often poorly maintained and not insured and you'll be helping to improve the safety of your community by letting us know.

If you need to speak to a member of your local team you can contact us on the nonemergency number 101.

Football Tournament

Local police officers teamed up with young people to organise a five-a-side tournament with the aim of cutting crime and anti-social behaviour. In the East

Durham Football Tournament, a series of matches was held at Helford Road Pavilion in Peterlee.

The idea for the event came after police, partner agencies and the teens themselves discussed ways of tackling anti-social behaviour in the Shotton Colliery and Wheatley Hill areas. Young people were invited to sign anti-social behaviour agreements and directed towards positive activities in their villages.

Disorder fell dramatically in the run up to the event; it seemed the young people decided that the chance to compete was enough of an incentive to stay out of trouble. The event proved so successful that plans are in place to run it every year.