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 Mother and son duo recognised for their outstanding efforts


Sergeant Katrina Meisuria, from Bishop Auckland response team and Mini Police officer Zack Meisuria, 11 were presented with WOW awards at a ceremony hosted by Superintendent Chris Curtis last week.

Katrina was nominated for the award by a member of the public who described her as ‘compassionate, respectful, honest, strong and extremely dedicated’.

She said: “Katrina was always respectful of myself, my children’s welfare and also that of my parents. I do not believe I could have gone through that harrowing time without her by my side.

“My family and I cannot thank her enough for her moral and dedicated support, she is very committed to those she supports who flourish from being a victim to a survivor.”

Katrina’s son, Zack was also awarded after he helped reunite a young boy and his stolen scooter.

The victim’s father said: “Zack stepped up to the plate, he took it upon himself to find out who the boys were who took my sons scooter, explained it was wrong and met the boys to collect the bike.

“It was lovely to see a young man go out of his way to show people the right path and show that you can indeed do some good”.

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