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 Alcohol interlocks being offered by Durham Constabulary


​HERE at Durham Constabulary, we have been trialling the use of alcohol interlocks, which stop drivers from starting their vehicles if they are over the alcohol limit.

The cutting-edge devices are commonplace in countries such as the USA and Denmark and mean a driver must pass a breath test before they can begin their car. Each device has a built in camera to record who is providing the sample of breath.

Through the use of alcohol interlocks, we aim to reduce the number of collisions which are caused by people driving while over the alcohol limit.

We have been working with Smart Start, one of the world’s leading providers of alcohol interlocks, to fit the interlocks on offenders’ vehicles on a voluntary basis.

We are also offering the interlocks to anyone who would like to have one fitted. There is not cost for the device, it is completely free to fit and will be done at a time, date and location to suit you.

If you would like to have one fitted, please call 0191 375 2078 Monday to Friday, between 8am and 3pm or email

You must hold a current UK driving licence and not be disqualified from driving.