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 Brownies enjoy visit to Spennymoor Police Station


A POLICE station had some unusual ‘suspects’ last week.
That’s after a group from the 3rd Spennymoor Brownies paid a special visit to the town’s police station on Monday, May 20.
The 15 girls and their two Brownie leaders took of a tour of the station which was led by PCSO Sam Stephenson and included having their fingerprints taken, viewing the custody suite and testing out the sirens on a police van.
PSCO Stephenson said the children were very well behaved and she was impressed with the intelligent questions they asked.
She said: “They asked some brilliant questions and some really intelligent questions. They all had their fingerprints taken and then we talked why we take them and about DNA.
“They were so keen and interested and the questions kept coming – it was so lovely to see them so happy and excited.”
PSCO Stephenson, who has been in her role for ten years, encouraged other groups to get in touch if they would like to hold a similar activity.
She said: “I have been here a long time and when you’re walking down the street, all the kids know you.
“We want the kids to approach us and not be scared of us so this is a great community activity to host.”
To arrange a visit, call PSCO Stephenson on 101.