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 Cops catch up with shopper who was moments from death


Matthew West, 51 from Darlington was shopping in the Cornmill Centre on Monday afternoon (March 11) when he found himself going into cardiac arrest.

PC Karl Heseltine and PC Ryan Bramley rushed from the station to Matthew's aid and began to carry out CPR alongside paramedics for over an hour before he was taken to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

During the journey, Mr West was revived a number of times but slowly began to stabilise in the days after.

Officers attended the hospital a few days later to check up on Matthew but were told he would need to undergo a number of operations before he could be released.

Last night, PCs Heseltine and Bramley visited Matthew at his home in Darlington.

Matthew was really pleased to see the officers, he said: “I cannot thank the officers enough, I owe them my life.”

Mr West told the officers how the operations were a success and that he was so happy to be back in his home.

Inspector Kevin Salter, from Darlington response said: “I’m very proud of the officers and their actions, this unfortunate incident was both physically and emotionally challenging for them and they worked tirelessly to do all that they could to help along with paramedics and staff at The Cornmill Centre.

“I spoke to the officers when they returned to the station that day and they feared the worst for Matthew having worked on him for such a long time. Seeing their faces the following day when they’d heard he pulled through was a picture! You could see how much it meant to them.

“It’s endings like this that makes up for all of the other incidents we have deal with, it really does make everything worthwhile.

“We wish Mr West all the best for the future and hope he can pop into the station for a cuppa to see us all once he’s fully recovered.”