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 Cyber4Summer set to launch 96 labs for tech-savvy teens


A top digital detective has praised a new series of innovative online workshops aimed at helping teens enhance their cyber skills.

This summer, the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) is teaming up with cyber-security company Immersive Labs to host a range of bespoke educational and interactive activities for young people who now have more free time on their hands.

It’s hoped the resources, which will be available via a new platform provided by Immersive Labs, will help mitigate the risk of tech-savvy teens inadvertently committing cyber crime offences while online or actively seeking to disrupt online platforms.

A total of 96 ‘labs’ called Cyber4Summer will be available covering topics from staying safe online to encoding and encryption as well as attack and defence.

Detective Sergeant Andrea Burns from the North East Regional Special Operations Unit (NERSOU) welcomed the new platform and said it was great to see law enforcement continue to work closely with the industry.

She said: “To say technology is at the forefront of modern policing is no understatement – every day we see a number of offences being carried out in the digital landscape and in some cases, the perpetrator might be completely unaware they have even broken the law.

“That’s why it is so important we continue to work hand in hand with industry professionals to create materials and resources which educate young people on how to use their skills responsibly, ethically and within the law. The last thing we want to do is to stop talented teenagers from improving these vital and very much in demand skills because they are worried of falling foul of the law.

“These labs will be great as they are aimed at both entry-level and intermediate skill sets and focus on practical, hands-on skills rather than theory and I can’t wait to see them go live in the next few weeks.”

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