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 Does your child have access to social media?


Does your child have access to social media?
Police are asking parents to regularly oversee what they’re doing online after a report has revealed half of UK 10-year-olds now own a smartphone.
PC Dan Walker, from Bishop Auckland response said: “Increasingly, we have become aware of children and young people taking indecent photographs of themselves to send on to each other through a range of social media channels.
“Sadly, many young people don’t see the danger.
“I recently attended an incident whereby an individual requested explicit images from a 7-year-old girl through Instagram – this offence was only picked up because the parents checked the girls phone otherwise it could have gone unreported and could have escalated.
“There is an ongoing investigation into this offence and the child is being safeguarded. We are also currently in the process of identifying the suspect.”
“There is a clear message here - please check your children’s phones and talk to them about the risks.”