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 Festive Friday, not Black Eye Friday


​WE'RE supporting a campaign by One Punch North East to change the name of Black Eye Friday to Festive Friday.

The campaign is being led by Maxine Thompson-Curl, whose son, Kristian, was fatally injured in a one punch attack during a night out.

She said: “Alcohol is not an excuse for violent behaviour – being drunk alters perception and attitude.

“This can lead to someone using more force than they perceive necessary when in a fight and as a result one punch can be fatal.

“The campaign is to help prevent two families from suffering loss – one the death of a family member, the other the loss of a family member who is on the receiving end of a prison sentence."

Inspector Rachel Stockdale from Durham Constabulary’s Harm Reduction Unit said: “Sadly, it only takes one punch to ruin two lives. One punch can prove fatal whilst the other loses their freedom.

“Kristian’s story is tragic, we’ve worked hard over the years to share the story across County Durham and Darlington on the dangers and consequences that just one punch can have on a night out not only to those involved but the wider family friends and communities.”

Thankfully incidents of this nature are few but with the Christmas period upon us more people will be out drinking with their friends, family and work colleagues.

If you are going out over Christmas, we hope you have a fantastic time, drink responsibly and stay safe.