Hero cops nominated for national award


​Two Consett police officers have been nominated for a National Police Bravery Award after rescuing two men from a house fire in December 2015.

PC’s Phillip Nixon and Alan Freeman were on mobile patrol on the evening of December, 9, 2015 when they responded to a house fire in Consett.

When the officers arrived at the mid-terraced house it was clear it was well ablaze with a large amount of smoke billowing from the windows, a neighbour informed them that a two people inside.

Despite the obvious danger to themselves due to the smoke and fire, both officers entered the house without any regard to their own safety and began shouting for anyone inside to get out.

They rescued a man from the kitchen of the house then re-entered the property to rescue a second man from the living room. By this time the heat was intense and the smoke made it almost impossible to see into the property.

PC Freeman then entered the house for the third time to establish that was no one left inside. Due to the heavy smoke and flames, it was impossible to fully check the far end of the room so he decided to leave for his own safety.

At this point the fire service arrived and commenced efforts to extinguish the fire.
Both officers were clearly suffering the effects of smoke inhalation and were provided with oxygen at the scene until paramedics arrived and provided aid to them both.
It was later established that the cause of the fire was the over-loading of electrical sockets in the living room.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Orford, said: “Alan and Phillip did not initially fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation they faced but acted with the utmost professionalism and courage to rescue the two men.

“They fulfilled one of the primary duties of a constable – to protect life. Everyday officers risk their lives running towards danger rather than away from it and I am immensely proud of their actions.”

As a result of their actions, both officers were subsequently presented with an award from the Society for the Protection of Life from Fire in recognition of the bravery demonstrated by them in rescuing others from a potentially fatal situation.

The National Police Bravery Awards ceremony will take in London in July.