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 Hundreds of drivers arrested for drink driving in latest campaign


Two hundred and fifty three people were arrested during our Christmas drink and drug driving campaign. 

Throughout December and early January, Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit launched the 'No Empty Chair' campaign to show the devastating effects of drink and drug driving.

Of all those motorists subject to random stop checks by officers, 253 people were arrested on suspicion of drink and drug driving offences. 4778 motorists passed the test.

Inspector Darren Breslin said: “It is completely unacceptable that people still take risks with their lives and the lives of others by drink and drug driving. These figures show that it still happens despite our warnings and that some motorists have a blatant disregard for the safety of other road users. 

“There are no excuses and we will continue with our campaigns in order to bring those people that think it is acceptable to risk others’ lives to justice. Drink drug driving robs people of their loved ones, it causes catastrophic injuries and it wrecks peoples’ lives and livelihoods. No matter who you are, or the situation you’re in, there is no justification.

“People have been warned, we will not tolerate drink or drug driving.”​