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 Our approach to new lockdown regulations


We know these are difficult times and Durham Constabulary will take a sensible, proportionate and fair approach to policing the new lockdown regulations which are about to come into force.

Despite the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, our officers and staff remain focused on the job they do best: preventing crime, catching criminals and protecting our communities.
We’re sure that the overwhelming majority of people in County Durham and Darlington will do their best to follow the new rules, which are there to save lives and protect the NHS.
This is an unprecedented situation for everyone and we know some are finding it difficult, so we will continue to engage with people who are struggling to understand the rules and educate those who may have mistakenly breached the guidance.
But make no mistake, we will take action against those who choose to put lives at risk by persistently breaking the regulations.
We all have a shared responsibility to protect our families and our communities by reducing the spread of the virus and abiding by the regulations in place.