Police crackdown on danger drivers using pedestrian zone


POLICE have staged a crackdown on danger drivers who are still using a pedestrianised zone. 

Special constables at Durham Constabulary are out in force to hand out fines to inconsiderate drivers who continue to flout traffic restrictions in Northgate, Darlington.

Darlington Borough Council have received a number of complaints in recent months that drivers are ignoring this restriction and still heading through the pedestrian-only area.

The zone bans all motor vehicles except local buses, taxis and vehicles attending for loading purposes. The appropriate signs are clearly displayed at the entrance to the road.

Officers made visits to the area throughout June to address the problem which resulted in several drivers being stopped and issued with £50 fixed penalty notices. The same operation will continue over the coming months.

Paul Emerson, Traffic Management Officer at Cleveland and Durham Special Operations Unit (CDSOU), said: “Some of the drivers who were caught were local and some were visitors but the main reason given as to why they were in the zone was that they were following their sat nav. This is not an excuse and drivers should not simply follow directions given by a sat sav but take note of road layouts, priorities and restrictions which change all the time.

“It is a busy area and it is unfair to make it unsafe for pedestrians and so we are urging drivers to be more mindful of their actions or they may attract a penalty.”

Coun Nick Wallis, Darlington Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure and Local Environment, said: “We were aware of problems in this area and I am delighted that the police are taking action to enforce the rules and make it safer for pedestrians.”