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 Could you be a victim of a phising email?


Police are urging people to remain vigilant when receiving emails relating to TV licencing.

Individuals will receive a TV Licensing phishing email with links to a convincing-looking website. The website requests that the victim provides personal and financial details. The victim subsequently receives a phone call from a fraudster claiming to be from their personal banks fraud department.

The fraudsters will convince them that they are genuine banking staff by providing personal details that were obtained using the fake TV Licensing emails and websites.

The fraudster states that the account has been compromised, possibly by a phishing scam they may have fallen victim to recently, and states that they need to transfer money to a new ‘safe account’.

Detective Sergeant Chris Fixter, from the Fraud squad said: “There is an increase nationally into this new type of fraud - you may be asked for personal details, you may receive a call from your bank asking you to transfer money.

“This is a scam, I would urge people to remain vigilant and if anyone feels they have been victim of a similar crime to call police on 101 and report the fraud online at"