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 Residents reassured over alarm 'scam'


RESIDENTS in the dale have been reassured following an online ‘scam’ circulating online.

Neighbourhood inspector, Ed Turner, has challenged an advertorial article urging residents to buy a personal safety alarm, which had been brought to his attention.
In the online advertorial, which matches its location according to wherever a person accesses it from, tells a story of an older woman who was ‘saved’ from being mugged because she was carrying the specific alarm advertised.
It goes on to claim that in the month of January, police reported a “dramatic increase in attacks targeting seniors”.
However, Inspector Turner said the claims were completely untrue and warned residents against being taken in by the marketing ploy.
He said: “Barnard Castle and the wider Dale area is one of the safest places to live in the county and we pride ourselves on having close-knit communities.
“To scaremonger with such an unfounded piece is highly irresponsible and claims that there has been a rise in crimes, especially violent ones against the elderly, is ridiculous.
The latest crime statistics for the area from the last year show how crime has decreased overall by 25 per cent while violent crimes in particular – which the advertorial claims have increased – have actually gone down by 35 per cent.
Insp Turner added: “The latest crime figures clearly show that crime is in fact going down and we would like to thank both residents and officers for continuing to make Barnard Castle a great place to live and work.”
For more information or advice visit or call the Barnard Castle and Crook Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.