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 Rural residents urged to be vigilant against scammers


IF in doubt be suspicious – that is the message being sent out to Dales residents as the National Scams Awareness Campaign kicks off today.

Inspector Ed Turner, from Barnard Castle Neighbourhood Policing Team is urging residents in Teesdale and Weardale to be vigilant especially when it comes to cyber crimes.
He said: “Quite often when policing the Dales, people see crime as what they can physically see but people need to be aware on the shift to crimes that are online – cyber criminals can be very convincing.
“My key advice would be – if you are not happy, put the phone down or call them back later but be suspicious. If you are not expecting the call or you have not requested it then it could be a scam.”
The campaign runs until June 23 and is being led by Citizens Advice who are using the hashtag #scamaware.
Scammers can target people in different ways, including online, by phone, by post or in person.
Ways to spot a scam include:
-          If something has come out of the blue or from someone you don’t know
-          If it sounds out of the ordinary e.g. if you’re being told you’ve won the lottery
-          If you’re asked to pay for something in advance especially if it’s by bank transfer or gift vouchers
-          If you’re being urged to respond quickly so you don’t get time to think about it or talk it over with family and friends
-          If you’re asked to phone an expensive number
If you think someone might be trying to scam you, take time to get advice.
You can contact Citizens Advice on 0345-4040506 or Action Fraud on 0300-1232040 or by visiting
The campaign runs in parallel with the Friends Against Scams campaign which aims to prevent people becoming a victim.
To sing up to the Friends Against Scams campaign visit