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 Selfless cadet to be put forward for a community hero award


Selfless cadet to be put forward for a community hero award.

Thomas Blanchard, age 16 from Stanley has been nominated for a Chronicle Champion’s award on behalf of his selfless devotion to his late brother Dominic.

The brothers shared a very unique bond until Dominic last year passed away after developing a blood clot and pneumonia at just sixteen.

Dominic was born extremely premature with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and at the age of five also developed a kidney condition.

Cadet Thomas cared for his brother throughout his life, helping change the nappies of his other siblings and looking after them in times of emergency.

Since his brother’s death, Thomas’ strength has kept the family going.

Thomas’ mam Ruth, 38 also from Stanley said: “Before the funeral, Thomas said he wanted to carry the coffin so he could carry Dominic one last time.

“And he had a Superman logo on the coffin because Thomas gave Dominic the nickname ‘Superman’ when he was going through medical treatment.

“Everyone who meets Thomas can’t believe how strong he is, he has always been an incredible son."

Thomas who has been part of our cadet scheme since 2017, now hopes to progress into the role of a police officer when he turns eighteen.

Cadet Coordinator, Sgt Mick Urwin said: “Thomas is a real inspiration to everyone around him, the strength and resilience he has shown has blown us all away.

“Thomas’ grown up attitude really demonstrates the qualities we look for in our cadets and I have no worries that he will develop in his policing career.”